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How Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Help Shape A Home

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How Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Help Shape A Home

The process of building a home similar to that of a puzzle, each piece depending on the other, to form a cohesive structure. Determining those pieces is one of the key ingredients for creating a home that fits the vision that you have. One of the most important pieces in your home puzzle is the windows. Windows make or break a house. Homes that have small windows or a lack of overall windows can feel cramped or gloomy, meanwhile homes with too many windows or too big of windows can feel overexposed and often too public. That is why it is essential to find the windows that will give your house the natural light it needs to bring you rooms to life.


Use Natural Surroundings

Using your natural surroundings to determine window structure is key to designing the correct windows to fit your home. Homes that use natural light as its main source for light tend to have a more organic feel that changes with the weather outside, giving each room different ambiance each day. These windows often are ceiling-to-floor windows. Depending on the size of the room, these windows can vary is size and structure, but all act as a catalyst for natural light.


Take Advantage of Natural Light

Homes that use large amounts of big windows thrive on natural light that keeps the house feeling refreshing and simple, all while cutting back on electricity bills. These windows determine the shape of the home and lend to its overall aesthetic appeal. Builders are relying on ceiling-to-floor windows to create the atmosphere in family and living rooms and often times master bedrooms. Here, in home designed by Reid Smith Architects and Len Cotsovolos the main room is the highlight as it uses a 12-panel grid style window to expose residents to the beauty of Montana’s Yellowstone Club.

Use a Grid-Style Appearance

Similarly, this home in Big Sur, California, designed by Fougeron Architecture, uses the grid style along on two walls of this master bedroom, giving the room a double view of the coastline and the open ocean.



No matter the location, homes can use large windows to expose residents to the surrounding environment, making the home feel larger, and more open. This home in the Peconic Bay, designed by Stuart Parr bring nature into the dining room as it uses sliding doors on all three sides of the dining room.

Using your surroundings for you window placement will ensure that you are choosing the best structure for the natural light in your home.