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Where Should You Place Your Address Sign?

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Where Should You Place Your Address Sign?

You just moved into your new home; you spent most of your days unpacking and organizing, making sure to put your personal touch on every item that gets displayed in your home. Your acute attention to detail is evident in your organization and structured placement of everything, from your lamps and pictures, to your planters and beware of dog sign. You finally come to your last placement decision: where do I put my address sign.

Outside and Visible

Now this might seem like a rhetorical question, the answer should be simple, just put it outside and visible, but it’s not that easy. You must be precise with how you place your address outside your home. For many homeowners, the mailbox is the primary location for the address sign. It is right on the road, easy to see, and often times has reflective letters indicating the house number. But sometimes those mailboxes can look tacky. There are simple ways to make your address sign more creative and authentic to your home.

Mailbox Options

For homeowners that have a mailbox, there are some easy tricks and tips that will make your mailbox look unique and visually pleasing. The first is simple, by removing those light-reflective numbers and installing some silver plated or metal numbers, you can make you address more visible and aesthetically satisfying. Similarly, by painting your mailbox, you give yourself the option of determining how you want you address sign to look. By keeping the color of your mailbox simple, like black or white, you draw more attention to the detail of the numbers on the box.

Use Yard Features

For those homeowners who do not have a mailbox, let your creative genius flow and let yourself explore all the different options for your address sign. Many times, homeowners take advantage of large planter pillars located on the front porch of the house. They are a visual mark that immediately catches the eye of street walkers and drivers alike. By using the natural colors of the home to pick out a type of sign, you can guarantee that the numbers will stick out on the home. Similarly, if you choose not to put the numbers on your home, you can use yard features such as rocks or house signs as your location for your address. It has become more and more popular to put addresses on natural looking rocks and structures outside the home, giving it a more natural and rustic feeling.

Location, Angle & Proximity

Whether you’re using a mailbox or a rock there are three important factors that can make or break an address sign: location, angle, and proximity.

Location is obvious—keep your address in a spot where those on the street can see it. Don’t place it in the middle of the front door, or over the top of the garage, put it somewhere that immediately catches the eye of residents.

Angle is key to an address, because, say you choose to put your sign on a rock, you must ensure that the address reads clearly from all angles on the rock.

Lastly, proximity is important because without it, the sign doesn’t matter. It is essential to put your sign as close to the road as possible, depending upon your locational choice. Proximity to the street allows for passers-by to read your sign without having to slow down or reverse to read. So whatever type of address sign you choose, remember the key components to picking a spot, and be creative, make your home unique to you.