Established in 2003, Elite Design Group has provided Charlotte, NC with custom house plan designs, and has built a reputation for offering unique floor plans with a classic, timeless elegance.

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Your Ideas Come To Life With Our Custom Floor Plans!

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Rock Emergency

Your Ideas Come To Life With Our Custom Floor Plans!

Rock Emergency

One of the first decisions a future homeowner needs to make is whether to buy an existing home or to build one. The latter is usually the preferred option and at Elite Design Group, custom home designs and floor plans are what we do! The homeowner, with the help of our talented design team, gets to decide the details of the house from the foundation to the kitchen counters. The flexibility offered results in a house that is perfectly suited to the homeowners’ taste and lifestyle not to mention of a better quality. Moreover, consider the following:

Everything is brand new: Imagine stepping into your brand spanking new house with its fresh coat of paint, sparkling marble countertops and brand new appliances, it’s a feeling of satisfaction and comfort. You will also rest easy at nights knowing that you are not likely to have hidden costs of having to do upgrades in the home such as replacing the HVAC or dealing with plumbing issues.

Healthier choice: Older houses can have serious issues like mold, asbestos and lead paint which can be toxic and lead to health issues over time. With a new home, you get to choose all the safest material types and if you are adamant about protecting the environment, you can choose materials and appliances that are eco-friendly or energy star rated which help to protect your pockets as well.

You choose your floor plan: You get to choose a floor plan that fits your needs since you have control over the design and it will be a reflection of your taste. Nothing feels better than to step into a brand new home that you helped to create from scratch.

Speaking of floor plans, at Elite Design Group, we have a wide range of beautiful and luxurious stock plans to choose from. Please click here to check out these masterpieces. Additionally, we offer custom designs if you are looking for that extra touch. The way we do things at Elite Design Group can be summed up in one sentence: “Listening is a greater gift than creativity.” Your needs and ideas take priority. Take a look at some of the art that we have created on our portfolio link for custom plans or schedule a consultation with us. Let this summer be the beginning of your custom home ownership dreams!