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Why Should Builders Work Closely With Custom Home Design Services?

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Why Should Builders Work Closely With Custom Home Design Services?

As local homebuilders, you’ve all worked on nightmare renovations. The back and forth with outside designers, constant communication issues, and the hassle of needing plan modifications. Issues such as these can be incredibly frustrating, and it’s not a cost-effective way to work.

By forming close working relationships with custom home designs services in your area, you can create a better experience during your builds on a permanent basis.

Fragmented working

Home builds are huge projects, and they’re incredibly important when it’s likely to be the biggest investment a home buyer will ever make. For the build to run smoothly, it needs each cog in the machine to work together to create the final product. However, fragmented working can easily happen on this type of project where each team has its own goals, timeline, and pressures. Lack of communication can cause several issues including a stressful working environment, delays, and increase the likelihood of errors occurring. This not only damages the reputation of those involved but can lead to the homebuyer having an unsatisfactory experience.

Working together

On home builds, it’s in the interests of all parties to work closely together on the project. This should start from early on in the process so that everyone starts on the same page. There will be a multitude of shared goals across the project, and this is the opportunity to meet those objectives together, establishing the needs of all parties and harnessing the right skills of each team. With high end renovations, it takes time choosing quality features, getting components custom-made and providing detailed craftsmanship. However, you can save time by working with experienced designers who have the experience to work as efficiently as possibly on the project.

DESIGNERS will be able to more easily adjust plans, limit miscommunications and understand the needs of each party when designing custom homes.

BUILDERS will make long term collaborations, having reliable contacts in the local area who they can trust to listen to their needs. They’ll save time and money by working efficiently with designers they know and trust.

CLIENTS will have higher satisfaction levels, enjoy the experience and rate both designer and builder more highly.

Elite Design Group – Custom home designers for builders

Custom home designers Elite Design Group work closely with builders to create long term relationships for builds in the local area. With our years of project management experience in the field, we understand the home building market in Charlotte and the best designs for lots in the local area. We specialize in high end renovations, giving local builders the opportunity to have access to our high end plans by joining our preferred builder program.

Benefits include:

  • Discount pricing – 20% off selected plans
  • Early access to high end floor plans before they’re added to our specialist plan website
  • Streamlined, in-house plan modification process
  • A chance to appear on our marketing material

Our high end floor plan designs have been tried and tested in the Charlotte area, so you’ll be able to see real-life examples of our work, the styles of houses we can design, and create long term partnerships with our expert designers. Our craftsmanship comes from experience working on custom builds, allowing us to tackle challenges with ease and achieve the quality hallmarks of high end renovations.