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Where To Find High End Floor Plan Designs

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Where To Find High End Floor Plan Designs

Finding a range of high-quality floor plan designs to offer clients can be a challenge for builders. Not every client wants a custom design, but still need a floor plan for their ideal home. If you want to attract great clients, you need to have access to high end floor plan designs which meet a range of needs, including style, design, and features.

If you’re a builder looking for high end stock floor plans, here are some tips on how to find them.


High end plans usually involve an expansive space which is desirable, innovative and oozes quality and style. To get an idea about the type of plans your clients will love, take a look at some of your local area’s recent builds and homebuilding trends. There’s no point choosing a set of plans which aren’t suitable for your audience and won’t fit in with the local neighborhoods. What styles are featured prominently in areas you’d like to build in? Where are there upcoming lots available? Have you noticed some house layouts are more popular than others? Understanding the market will help you narrow down the ideal plans for your clients.


One of the easiest ways to gets your hands on stock plans is to find a designer in your local area who specializes in creating high-quality floor plan designs for a target audience like yours. It’s also useful to find a designer who creates plans in a variety of styles which would all fit into the area. This will help to create consistency across your builds and develop long term working relationships. You’ll know what to expect from working with them and help you to create hassle-free processes for both your clients and your team. For example, however much you plan a build, it’s not unusual to have a curveball thrown in mid-project. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew that your plans all came from the same designer who can perform streamlined in-house plan modifications?


We all know that plans cost money, so find out what benefits are available to builders such as discounts for professionals or early access to non-public plans. Here at Elite Design Group, we offer a preferred builder program for local builders to apply to in Charlotte. Once your membership to our program has begun, you’ll receive exclusive builder pricing and early access to plans before they’re added to our specialist plan website. You’ll also receive a chance to appear on our marketing material when you complete a project with us, which will help you to attract the clients you want.

Get your hands on some high end plans by taking advantage of our offer while partnering with an experienced design team. We create the best plans for lots in Charlotte and specialize in high end renovations. We look forward to connecting with you.