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Remodeling Trend Alert: Barn Doors

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Remodeling Trend Alert: Barn Doors

The barn door, an American classic. With its bold red color and striking lines, the barn door is an iconic look in all farmhouses from the early 1950’s until today. As time went on the barn door made its appearances in waves of popularity, but it has made a bold comeback in the last two years.











Ask any builder or home designer what the most popular features are in new homes and they will say the following: the most popular feature of new homes is outdoor rooms, but coming in at a close second is barn doors. These doors don’t acting as primary entrance doors; designers are finding places for these unique doors all over homes. From bathrooms to storage closets, the barn door is a modern look with old fashion roots, that give homes the unique visual appeal that every homeowner desires.

One might ask, “what makes the barn door such a popular feature in new home building?”

The answer is simple: diversity. The barn door look is one that is more diverse than any other home feature. This look can encompass many different styles and home designs and will always be the focal point that makes homeowners and their guests revel in the traditional modern look. The diversity with this look comes from the ability to choose different types of sliding barn doors. “The barn door style is perfect for a farmhouse, a contemporary house or (my favorite) the contemporary farmhouse,” says Tracy Kay Griffin, a design expert with Express Homebuyers, a company that purchases homes in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

“But quite frankly, it is so versatile it can go in any type of house.”

With a rise in popularity, the barn door look is taking over new home design. Not only is its style unique and riveting, but it also offers a new perspective on the division of rooms or private spaces. With the barn door, there are no locks, no knobs, simply a slide. Whether you’re using one door or two, they offer a way to control the size of rooms. When left open, they are large enough to allow vision into another room that is inviting. When left closed, they offer a way to control a private space without making it clear that the space is indeed private. It is a furnishing façade.

So whether your home is contemporary modern or old rustic there are plenty of different designs to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect barn door look for your home. With its variety and diversity, the barn door look is one that has proved to last the test of time and will continue to do so for years to come.

Let us know if you are interested in incorporating barn doors into your next home design!