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Qualities Every Builder Should Look For In A Home Designer

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Qualities Every Builder Should Look For In A Home Designer

Achieving high-quality, consistent builds doesn’t just involve your own team.

Homebuilding involves the skills and input from a variety of professionals, including custom home designers who you’ll want to work closely with to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible (like a well-oiled machine).

When local builders are looking for home designers to work with, what qualities should they be looking for?

We’ve put together the essential list for every builder to follow.


Finding a skilled home designer won’t matter if they aren’t willing to work closely with builders. Take a look at both their philosophy and processes to see if they highlight working together with other professionals on each build. Those designers focusing heavily on collaboration in their values will include builders early on in the design process, work closely with you to establish each other’s needs, and respect your expertise. Such close working partnerships create a great experience for your clients who won’t have to act as a go-between.


While you may find a home designer who has a lot of experience, if they’re not a good fit for your own building requirements, you’ll struggle to create magic on a build. A ‘good fit’ is one in which you share similar client bases and past projects. For example, if you’re a builder looking for high-end clients, look for a designer who fits in with this category and specializes in luxury home builds and renovations.


Builders often wonder how to get their hands on high-end floor plan designs to help them attract the clients they want. Take a look at the stock plans on the designer’s website and how they fit in with the style of local lots you want to build on. Their range of home styles should be authentic in detail, look stunning, and suit a variety of tastes. This will ensure your clients’ differing needs can be met.


Alongside their stock plans, if a home designer creates custom designs, it’s a sure sign they can provide plan modifications, unique homes, and high-quality craftsmanship. They’ll have an eye for detail and understand how to add personality to their designs, creating homes which are both eye-catching and functional. This helps fulfill your client’s specific requirements, paying careful attention to their ideas and budgetary limits.


A high-quality designer will understand the local housing market and what works in the area. Their portfolio will showcase builds they’ve been involved in and provide an opportunity to see both their exterior and interior home designs. Finding designers with proven experience shows they’re trusted in the local area to create a consistently high standard of work.


With those designers who want to work closely with local builders, you may find they offer incentives to partner with them on builds. Builder perks include discounts on stock plans, early access to new designs, and credit given when advertising builds you’ve been involved with.

When looking for a home design team to work with, keep these qualities in mind.

Here at Elite Design Group, we offer builders in Charlotte the opportunity to join our preferred builder program to create long-term relationships with experienced custom home designers. Benefits include 20% off selected plans, an in-house plan modification process, and early access to high-end floor plans. There’s also a chance to appear on marketing material for builds we’ve worked with you on.