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Perfect Floor Plans For The Move-Up Buyer

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Perfect Floor Plans For The Move-Up Buyer

Have you been constructing your dream home on Pinterest? Slowly gathering all the features and items that you know will make your house a home. Preparing yourself to jump at the opportunity to move-up and buy a home that fits your vision. Looking to move-up when it comes to buying your next home? Are you ready to finally put in the money and time to create a dream home for you and your loved ones? Builders nationwide are looking to help families in their pursuit of building that perfect home and they know what families need as essentials to their homes today.

The Millennial Generation is finally moving out of their parent’s homes and into homes of their own and many are becoming move-up buyers. Buyers who are taking the real estate industry by storm and building bigger and better homes than ever before. NAHB researcher Rose Quint says, “Home sizes grew to an average of 2,721 square feet, the highest yet, and an indication that the new-home market continues to be dominated by move-up buyers, rather than first-time buyers.”

The important aspect to understand for move-up buyers is the floor plan and home features that are going to making move-up buying the most attractive it has ever been. Millennials are looking for more open floor plans that include high-end kitchens that serve as the main focal point for the home. This open floor plan also allows for more living space in other areas such as a great room or outdoor living space. Over the last few years, buyers have refrained from putting their money into large outdoor kitchens and and fireplaces, rather using the space for outdoor rooms that can act as a gathering space. Also, buyers are looking into multi-generational homes that can house more than just their family. Many buyers want a home that can act as a separate living space for extended family such as grandparents or can be used for leasing out the extra space to make some money.

Another important requirement for new millennial move up homes is the technology of the home. With the always-changing state of modern technology, home appliances are an essential part to move-up buying. This means top of the line washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators and systems. These buyers are also looking to keep it simple. When it comes to operating systems such as television, music, even the thermostat, these buyers are looking for a universal solution that will work on all their home features. Rather than controlling each system in the house separately, now you can keep all of these items in check either using your mobile device or another universal remote.

The last and possibly most important feature that move-up buyers are looking for is practicality. Practicality from the standpoint of use. Buyers are looking for homes that are accommodating and useful. Often times these extravagant homes can look the part but not quite act like it, with restricted storage spaces, lack of open room, and the absence of dual purpose rooms. In new move-up homes, buyers are looking for practical storage, whether that be hidden shelving or closets, they’re easy access and allow for extra storage that doesn’t take away from the homes open feel. Similarly, buyer want homes that have dual purpose rooms, or rooms that serve both as a space for storage and use. For instance, mud rooms are becoming popular with young millennial families because it can serve as a storage space for kid’s dirty shoes and coats, but it can also be used for a laundry space.

These new Pinterest-like homes are popping up all over the map, and move-up buyers and taking full advantage of the opportunity to have the home of their dreams. Whether it’s a new modern, simple look, or high service technology, move-up homes are becoming ever the more popular and shaping the way that Millennials are living today.