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Just Built A House? How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

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Just Built A House? How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

As everybody knows there are a lot of the responsibilities that come with buying a new home. From moving boxes and unpacking, to setting up mortgage payments and insurance policies, there are a plethora of things that flood new home owners when they move in. One of these factors that often goes undiscussed is pest control. Pest control for a new home is important in the way of maintenance because if you leave pests to grow and fester in parts of you house, it can cause permanent damage to the home, resulting in expensive repairs. That is why it is important to understand exactly what kinds of plans are offered for pest control and how they will fit into your budget.

Make a Plan

The two most important factors in determining a pest control plan for a new home is the location of your home and the density of the pests that reside there. Theses two factors are controlled by the type of environment that your home is in. For instance, if you live in the northeast, say Massachusetts, and you house is affected by common pests, then a quarterly plan might work to eliminate and prevent further pests from growing in your home. If you live in Florida on the other hand, you are going to want to establish a monthly service to prevent large colonies of pests, such as ants, from invading your home.

A pest control service will come to your home a survey your property and examine what exact pests are the most common, and what kind of plan will help eliminate and prevent further infestation of that particular pest.

Create a Timeline

Pest control services nationwide offer a multitude of plans that will fit the type of conditions your home presents. Though there are a variety of plans, most home owners use a bi-monthly pest control plan. Bi-monthly plans take place every two months, where a service will come to the home and apply the proper spray solutions to eliminate current pests and also prevent further development of other pests. This type of plan is effective because it uses the 30 days after first application to eliminate all pests present, then just as the solution begins to wear off, another layer is added and used as a precautionary layer to prevent further growth.

Another great feature of this type of plan is that there are free re-treats. With most other plans the service is only applied every few months (usually 6) and as a result most services won’t offer a free re-treat. When you are on a bi-monthly plan, services offer incentives such as free re-treats in which the service will come to your home and spray again if there are signs of pest infestation. These plans usually average around $70 every other month and the give you a personal pest control specialist that will assist you in everything bug protection.

With all the things new home owners have on their plate, keep it simple and get yourself a plan that fits your budget and needs for pest control. Eliminate those pests and get your home up and running and looking stunning.