Established in 2003, Elite Design Group has provided Charlotte, NC with custom house plan designs, and has built a reputation for offering unique floor plans with a classic, timeless elegance.

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JJ Barja Elite Design Groups CEO And Creative Mastermind

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JJ Barja Elite Design Groups CEO And Creative Mastermind

There is no such thing as a typical day at Elite Design Group. Most days, JJ Barja starts with four shots of espresso, and then works alongside his kids in his living room rather than working out of his office. The thing that he enjoys most about what he does, is the initial creative process where it’s just him and a piece of paper. Simplicity and attention to detail are two things that make home designs by Elite Design Group stand out from their competitors. Elite Design Group was also birthed out of the words said by JJ’s father that were indelibly etched into his memory – “If you put your mind to something and apply yourself, it will happen”.  JJ’s love for design and his passion to create unique homes for his clients, rings true in the company’s tagline…live in art.

JJ’s interest in architecture started with his love for English style homes acquired during the time he spent in England. This fascination with the English home designs inspired him to learn about architecture and related computer design programs.  JJ got his start working for a well known design firm in Charlotte. A few years later, JJ was ready to start a new chapter and Elite Design Group was born. For JJ, this meant charting his own course and being able to inspire unparalleled creativity in his team members. As a result of JJ’s approach, the team at Elite Design Group views themselves as more than just colleagues, but rather friends and a family. He readily admits to being extremely proud and grateful to lead such an amazing team. The level of confidence JJ has in his team is beyond that of a typical CEO. He does not believe in micro managing his team but rather allowing all members to have freedom and the latitude to be creative, a winning formula that has seen Elite Design Group continuously producing high quality and very creative work to numerous satisfied customers over the years. Everyone understands the integral role they play in developing great relationships with clients and making their dreams a reality.

JJ enjoys taking walks with his wife, Robin, and spending time with his kids. He appreciates the value of always speaking the truth even though it is not always the easiest pill to swallow. He prides himself on being able to instill such virtues in his children and upholds similar values in the workplace. On another note, one might be surprised to know that JJ is actually the owner of goats (bet you didn’t see that one coming). So the next time you make contact with JJ be sure to suggest a name for his many unnamed pet goats if you want to elicit a chuckle. Of course you can also simply elect to ask him about Elite Design Group’s extensive stock of exquisite floor plan designs. And of course, if you really want to get him excited, offer to challenge his creative genius to design your dream home.