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How To Find A Builder For Your New Home

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How To Find A Builder For Your New Home

Surrounding yourself with the right experts when building a new home is the key to its success.

The right team will ensure your stress is kept to a minimum, guide you through the process, listen to you and most of all, have the expertise to make your project go to plan.

When looking at how to find a builder for your new home, there are a few things you need to consider. They’re also an important part of the design process, and a good home designer will want to include the builder early on in the planning stages.

Defining Your Needs

Before charging ahead and finding the right builder for your new home, the planning starts with you. This means listing out what you want, your schedule, and your budget.

Your floor plan or home designer can help you with this even if you don’t have your lot yet. They’ll know exactly what you need to think about and all the elements you need to consider. They’ll also have builders they work well with and know the ones who are the right fit for your needs, ensuring you’ve got the right people on board.

Do Your Homework

If you’re stuck for options, a great place to start is by getting a list of potential builders from your local home builder’s association. These can be found through the National Association of Homebuilders and will be builders who construct homes in your local area. Not every good builder will be listed here, but it does show a long-term commitment to the area and that they may specialize in new home build projects. It may also be worth looking at real estate projects in your local area to see which builders are working on the type of house you’re looking to build.

Reputation is Key

One of the best ways to find a builder for your new home is by word of mouth. Ask friends who have had new homes built, or if they know anyone who has done. Make sure you ask them about the quality of work, potential issues they had and how satisfied they were with the results.

You don’t have to take their word for it. See if your builder has a portfolio of work they’ve completed and find online reviews and testimonials. You may also see an open house or home shows sponsored by particular builders, which is a great chance to see their work up close so you can inspect the quality of finish.

Once you have your short-list, set up interviews with potential builders for your new home.

Qualities to Look for

Price – It’s not always wise to find a builder with the lowest prices. Your budget is always something to be aware of in the planning stages of building your new home. However, investing in a skilled builder can help you save time, limit mistakes and reduce unexpected costs.

Knowledge – You’ll gauge how professional and experienced a builder is when you talk to them about your plans. Do they talk about code? Do they have knowledge about how the various trades need to interact to ensure the project is a success? Do they give solid advice when speaking about the planning process that makes sense to you? These are all things you can pick up when speaking to them.

Communication Skills – When you speak to your potential builders, it’s your also your chance to get an insight on what they may be like to work with. It’s a good sign if they listened to you, took an interest in your needs and provided good answers to any questions asked. Other important characteristics include how courteous they were and whether they come across as professional and sincere.

Questions to Ask

You should ask potential contractors questions which will help you make your decision. You can ask questions specific to your project and even ask your home designer for help with this, especially if you need your builder to work with a custom home design. General questions to include are:

  • Do you have the relevant licenses and insurance I can see certificates for?
  • Could I see some recent projects you’ve worked on similar to this? Do you have references for these?
  • Is there a pricing plan, what does this include and what is the schedule of payment? What additional fees do you have, including your pre-construction services?
  • Do you offer a warranty program?
  • Can you describe the workflow of projects like this?
  • Who will be supervising the construction day to day?
  • Is there a schedule for keeping customers updated i.e. walk-throughs at certain points during the construction?
  • How will my concerns be dealt with?
  • What happens if changes need to be made during the project and what are the costs involved?
  • Do you perceive any potential issues with the project at first glance?
  • How long will this type of project take?
  • What value do you think you bring to new home build projects?
  • Do you have subcontractors you regularly work with in the area? Who will be involved in the build?
  • Can you work with my designer to create the home I want within my budget?

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At Elite Design Group, we like to be known as the ‘custom home designers for builders’ because of the close long-term relationships we’ve built with local builders. We’re trusted by clients and builders alike because we have deep knowledge and experience to know what they need from the designs. All of our designs are constructor-friendly, whether that be providing stock floor plans, cost effective custom home design services, builder pricing or experience in high end renovations.