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How Home Builders & Designers Can Overcome These High End Renovation Nightmares Together

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How Home Builders & Designers Can Overcome These High End Renovation Nightmares Together

Client satisfaction and their enjoyment of the homebuilding process isn’t just about high quality results. The journey getting to that point is a big factor in establishing your reputation in a local community, as well as your own team’s stress levels. When working on high end renovations, builders and designers should work together to overcome these homebuilding nightmares.

Renovation Nightmare 1: Unexpected Delays

When managing client expectations, it’s important to set realistic timeframes. However, poor planning, misjudged sourcing of materials, and scheduling errors can lead to major delays and unhappy clients. This reflects badly on all those involved in the build.

How to overcome?

  • Set client expectations early – While planning for the build is meticulous from the outset, there are some things you just can’t predict. Warn clients as early as possible about any unexpected delays, the new timeframe, and explain why this couldn’t have been planned for.
  • Builders should work with experienced design teams with an eye for detail and involve a client’s builder early on in the process. This allows for direct communication with each other rather than through the client.
  • Be clear about your needs with each other and ensure you understand the brief fully.

Working closely together will ensure nothing is missed, and any unexpected delays are overcome as fast as possible.

Renovation Nightmare 2: Overspending

From clients changing their mind about home features late on in the process to finding issues which need more time and money to fix, going over the designated budget on a high end renovation is a sure fire way to lower client satisfaction levels, even if it wasn’t your fault.

  • How to overcome?
  • Builders and designers should give clients great support and advice before the renovation commences, factoring in any possible overspends into the budget.
  • Have clear communication with the entire build team about budgetary requirements and identify overspend risks as early as possible.
  • Manage client expectations about expected costs and educate them about change order fees, encouraging them to make the right decisions during the planning stages.
  • Work with a designer who can make plan alterations in-house.

Renovation Nightmare 3: No access to the right people

A high end renovation becomes a stressful experience for both builders and clients if relevant professionals on the build aren’t easily accessible or available. It results in unnecessary frustrations and more time delays.

  • How to overcome?
  • Ensure there are a variety of communication channels open to all the involved parties from the start, including emails to keep everyone in the loop and phone conferencing.
  • Offer high levels of customer service and create close working relationships so that you can achieve consistency across multiple builds.
  • Purchase high quality floor plan designs so that you have knowledgeable designers at hand.

High end renovations should produce high quality results.

Here at Elite Design Group, we believe that working together with builders in the local community is the key to overcoming challenges in homebuilding. Therefore, we invite builders in Charlotte to join our preferred builder program. We provide you with exclusive pricing, early access to new plans, a streamlined plan modification process, and a chance to feature on our marketing material.