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How Forming Close Relationships With High End Home Designers Helps Creates High Quality Builds

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How Forming Close Relationships With High End Home Designers Helps Creates High Quality Builds

As a Charlotte home builder, you’ll understand what separates a great build from a stressful one.

It can be hard to achieve the high end results you want when you don’t have access to the people you need when you need them. While you can provide streamlined processes, integrity, and great customer service from an in-house perspective, it can be difficult when other professional teams on the build don’t have the same mindset. At Elite Design Group, we believe working closely together with Charlotte home builders helps create stunning homes for our clients.


Consistent, high quality builds involve creating the right balance between function and beauty. The end results should be aesthetically stunning, but a home is also a place in which a family will live and spend much of their time, so functionality is key. Builders should aim to develop relationships with other local professionals who provide the same high standard of service & proven craftsmanship. This means designers and builders should work closely together on high end renovations and builds.


When designing a new home, each room should flow as well as it can, creating the best spaces for the client and their needs. This can only be achieved if everyone gets on the same page early on in the project. Fragmented working can harm a home build, when all teams should be working as one, creating a symbiotic relationship in which all parties benefit. By appreciating each other’s talents and skills, each team can get the best out of the project and feel they can express their thoughts on each element. This will bring together the best ideas to make the project as successful as it can be.


We all know what it feels like to work on a nightmare build. The ones where avoidable mistakes occur and a lack of communication causes constant issues. It’s frustrating when you have to disappoint clients with news of unexpected time delays and errors. This is not only stressful but can harm your reputation as well. Working closely together helps designers and builders understand each other’s requirements and ensures everyone has the relevant information and specifications they need for their role. It also means elements of the build can be kept in-house, including any plan modifications.


One of the best outcomes of forming close working relationships on Charlotte home builds is attracting great clients. They’ll be drawn in by the high end results, great customer service, simplicity of processes (no more acting as a go-between!) and having a fully transparent project in which they aren’t left wondering what’s happening. A skilled team will be in place from the beginning of the build who’ll listen to their needs and work together to achieve them.


Here at Elite Design Group, our experience on high end renovations and custom builds makes us the ideal partner for Charlotte builders looking to form close working relationships on local home building projects. Local builders are applying to join our preferred builder program and will gain some amazing benefits at no cost to themselves. These include:

  • exclusive access to high end floor plan designs before they’re released on our plan site
  • discounted builder pricing on select plans
  • streamlined, in-house plan modifications
  • featuring on marketing material

We look forward to working together!