Established in 2003, Elite Design Group has provided Charlotte, NC with custom house plan designs, and has built a reputation for offering unique floor plans with a classic, timeless elegance.

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How Elite Design Group Can Help Builders Overcome High End Renovation Nightmares

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How Elite Design Group Can Help Builders Overcome High End Renovation Nightmares

High End Renovations Don’t Have to be a Nightmare – Elite Design Group Can Help.

As all builders know, time, craftsmanship, and quality are all markers of a high end renovation. It takes time to choose appropriate materials and fixtures, and you must add extra time if the components must be custom-made. Craftsmanship and quality result from years of experience and technical expertise. If any of these three elements is missing, high end renovations can be a nightmare for builders. However, Elite Design Group, in addition to being a leading home design firm, also manages high end renovations. Our team can help builders with projects that are often more complex than “normal” renovations.


Of course, our main offering is custom home design, and we’ve developed a personal approach to design a floor plan that is wonderfully suited to each of our clients. Our deep expertise in designing custom house plans has made us very attuned to the details that come together to create the perfect home. We bring this same attention to detail to our renovation projects. Our experienced design team knows that details make all the difference in a high end renovation. Moving a kitchen sink 5 inches to the right might not seem to be a big deal, but when the finished project is complete, it can make a huge difference to the flow and the ease of use. Our experience in designing custom homes of all shapes and sizes, as well as handing renovations for many of these same clients, has given us an eye for these small things that make a good renovation into a great one. This experience comes into play even if we did not design the house in question. We also know that renovating an existing space can bring up all sorts of surprises – if you didn’t design the home, you might not know what’s behind that wall. We can take these surprises in stride and adapt a renovation plan so that it works.


“Our team understands that a modification to one small part of the plan can cascade down to all parts of the plan, so we are able to catch and resolve errors that many people could miss.”

Another way EDG can save you time is streamlined communication. You would also not need to bring in an outside designer, and this cuts down on the back-and-forth between the builder (you), the design team, and the renovation team. Also, miscommunication is kept to a minimum, as there would only be two parties involved. Obvious craftsmanship and quality are the hallmarks of high-end renovations, and that only comes with experience. The high-end renovations market is crowded these days, and much of the time gaining recognition for renovations is all about word-of-mouth.

EDG is a small team that stands out because we have specifically managed high end, custom renovations for years in the Charlotte area. We find that these renovation projects are often for clients whose homes we have designed before, so we love that we are still helping these clients have the best home possible. Maintaining these types of relationships increases the trust that our clients have in us, and we bring our reputation to the table with each renovation project.

One of the difficulties in renovation work is handing the differing scales of each project. Some houses only require cosmetic work, perhaps changing the flooring and finishes, while other projects require major overhauls that affect the structure and the “guts” of the original house. Who’s the right craftsman or expert for each aspect of the renovation?

As the renovations business continues to grow, we know that more and more new players are coming out, but we choose to leverage our trusted relationships. Our years of experience in the Charlotte area have given us great relationships with local builders and suppliers. We know who’s the best for what job, and where to source the best materials for reasonable prices. In turn, these builders are have experienced our design process and the homes built from the ground up