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How Communication Can Impact On The Success Of A Build

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How Communication Can Impact On The Success Of A Build

Everyone involved in homebuilding wants each project to be a success. There are many aspects which come together to ensure this is the case, but the glue that holds everything together is, communication.

To give clients the experience and service they deserve, the standard of communication must be kept high. This doesn’t just involve liaising with the client but keeping lines of conversation open internally between professional teams on the build.

How does communication make or break a build?

Having clear expectations from the outset

If you don’t establish each party’s needs from early on in the process, it’s impossible to accurately plan a build, establish goals or brief the client about what to expect. For designers, having direct channels of communication with builders and clients is the best way for us to listen to what you need and for us to let you know what we’ll do for you. It’s through these conversations that we can manage expectations, define budgetary requirements, discuss key home features, and commence the design process.

Inspire new ideas

Despite our years of experience offering high end custom home design services, we never stop learning. It’s the relationships built on any project which help you continually grow and develop skills in your profession. It’s also important for understanding each other’s roles and how we impact the projects we work on. Through the sharing of knowledge and ideas with others, it can inspire innovative concepts, pushing homebuilding standards higher and offering clients a service which they can’t find elsewhere.

Create long lasting relationships

When you work openly on a build, the positive experience creates long-term relationships in the local area. Custom floor plan designers can work alongside home builders over multiple projects to create consistent, high-quality homes. Builders will also establish their place in the local community, nurturing a great reputation in the area, and getting more word of mouth referrals. Through the trust and respect earned, home builders can attract more of the clients they want.

Facilitate client understanding

While it may seem obvious that clients need guiding through the building process, some professionals forget this. A ‘leave it to us’ attitude may seem like the simplest of options, but open communication must be established to allow clients to define their needs, ask questions, and iron out any concerns. If a change order can be prevented later on in the process by offering them more time for discussions now, it’s a no-brainer. Being accessible and keeping them informed at each major step as the build progresses will avoid any nasty surprises and enhance client satisfaction throughout.

Minimize hassle

When there’s a lack of communication on a build, it’s stressful for everyone involved. Decisions will be slow, mistakes will need correcting, and everything will take longer than it needs to. This can be frustrating for clients, designers, and builders. Working closely together on a build will keep stress to a minimum by planning well, tackling challenges with ease, and following streamlined, in-house processes such as plan alterations. Most of all, a client can enjoy the process, while seeing their dream home unfold before them.

When clients are putting together a homebuilding team, good communication is often something they look for in both designers and builders. Here at Elite Design Group, we involve a client’s builder early on in the process, and even have a preferred builder program you can join. It’s through this program that you’ll receive exclusive builder pricing on high end floor plans, early access to designs, and a chance to appear on our marketing material.