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How Charlotte’s Home Builders Can Attract The Clients They Want

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How Charlotte’s Home Builders Can Attract The Clients They Want

Being a successful business isn’t just about getting more customers. It’s also important to attract the clients you want to be doing business with. You need to define your Buyer Personas, i.e. your ideal clients, and create strategies to attract them to your business.

While there are plenty of marketing strategies to help you with this, if you’re a builder in Charlotte and want clients who are looking for a high end home build or renovation, there are some other things you can do to raise the odds in your favor. Here are some of our tips for achieving results.

Understand demand

Charlotte is growing in both population and economy, making it a great place for home builders to move to. It’s important to understand some of the reasons for this so you understand home buyer’s motivations and what they want from moving to the area. Check out our article on why custom home builders are moving to Charlotte.

Share valuable content

To build trust with clients, it’s important to provide them with valuable information and resources to help them with their build. This can be anything from the latest home design trends, ideas for the home or what to expect from the home build process. Working closely with many local builders, we understand just how busy you are. As well as your own content, we’re more than happy for builders to share our blogs (e.g. through social media pages) with their own clients if they think there are any they’ll find useful.

Provide high-quality stock plans as well as custom designs

Some builders think high end floor plan designs are all about the custom builds. However, many people want to choose from a collection of high-quality stock plans, so it’s important you have a solid collection of plans available to give your clients plenty of choices for achieving their dream home. You may also be able to offer your clients exclusive plans which aren’t yet available to the public. Ask local designers if they offer this to builders.

Get your work recognized

Anyone in the home build industry knows just how important word of mouth is to attract new customers. Another important aspect of this is ensuring your building work is credited when it’s advertised so that potential clients can see some of your work. Home designers will feature their recent builds on their marketing material, so see if you can have a credit for the work you’ve completed with them.

Work with the right people

Each build doesn’t just involve your own team. There will be other businesses involved, including home designers, architects, and even real estate teams. Make lasting working relationships with those designers who can guarantee your build remains as high-quality as possible. Here at Elite Design Group, we ensure our clients bring in their builders early on in the design process so that communication is completely open, and we’ll understand each other’s requirements. We also provide a streamlined plan modification process, all provided in-house for a hassle-free build. The simplicity of our processes and high end results will give clients the best experience possible, enhancing your reputation as a home builder.

Join a preferred builder program with like-minded designers

Preferred builder programs in Charlotte are a great way to team up with other like-minded professionals to encourage great working relationships, open communication, and consistency across builds. Here at Elite Design Group, our preferred builder program provides plenty of benefits for local builders. This includes builder discounts (20% off on selected plans), early access to plans before they’re put on our specialist plan website, and opportunities to feature on our marketing materials when we work with you. This ensures clients will recognize the work you do.