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Can Your Countertops Help You Avoid Getting Sick?

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Can Your Countertops Help You Avoid Getting Sick?

As the fall is coming, a flu season is starting to come into full effect, the kitchen is one of the most predominant places to encounter all different kinds of bacteria and viruses. As all parents know, kids love to have their hands in the kitchen, whether its help making dinner or a mess, kids always seem to find a way to get a little dirty. With all the commotion of kids and then constant running around it is important to know that your kids are going to be safe from all viruses and bacteria that could put them down.

  1. Now you can prepare your home better for this upcoming flu season with a few resources that are made especially for keeping germs and bugs away from your kitchen:
  2. Wilsonhart Engineered Surfaces – a world leading manufacturing and distribution organization that has developed a new type of laminated countertop that is covered with an antimicrobial agent that kills viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew. Some of the patterns that they use in their products also contain silver that has a positive charge and eliminates microbes.
  3. Touchless kitchen and bath faucets – Companies such as American Standard have created faucets that are now touchless. With just the swipe of your hand you can avoid touching the germ ridden sink both before and after washing.
  4. Virus eliminating paint- Sherwin Williams, a leader in paint innovation, has created a new series of paints that kills viruses and bacteria within two hours of application. This microbicidal paint kills 99.9% of viruses such as E.coli, Staph, MRSA, and VRE.
  5. Motion sensor toilets- though it is a popular products for resteraunts and public bathrooms, these motion sensor toilets are two steps above the average self flushing toilet. Kohler has built two new touchless toilets, the San Souci and the Cimarron. Both of these toilets require no touching, but rather a simple wave of the hand over the tank of the toilet.

Prepare yourself for the wave of flu season by installing these new items in your home. Your kids will be better protected and you will be better protected, keeping your home clean and neat 24/7.