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5 Trends In Home Design Every Builder Should Know

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5 Trends In Home Design Every Builder Should Know

Just as fashion and music trends change overtime, so do home designs. Now this doesn’t mean that home designs are constantly shifting and changing like the fashion and music industries, but home designers are taking a detour from “traditional” look to explore what buyers are interested in adding to their homes in 2016. Though there are still roots in traditional housing appeals, more and more buyers are embracing a more modern approach to designing a house. Here are 5 of the most notable trends that every builder and buyer should know:

Engaging Outdoor Spaces

This trend has made it to the forefront of modern home design in 2016. Families are looking for more ways to integrate the nature surrounding their home within the home itself, and it is through these outdoor living spaces that people are doing so. These spaces are granting families the ability to host larger parties that can allow people to move about the house without being restricted to being inside.

Low Impact Outdoor Design

Similar to buyers wanting the ability to be outside, builders and buyers alike are looking to integrate more of the nature surrounding their home within their landscaping. This means understanding the species of plants that are native to your home, and working with them to create a unique and sustainable form of landscaping that is both environmentally friendly and visually appealing.

Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Though there are still builders who stick to traditional building designs and techniques, modern detailing is becoming a rapidly growing popularity in new homes. This design blends the core of traditional design with the sharpness and simplicity of modern design, making homes both visually appealing and fully functional. These designs include the blending of bright colors with the presence of white, along with the use of upper-level glass work such as large windows and glass ceilings.

Sophisticated & Advanced Laundry Rooms

Most people know that for families, the laundry room can make or break the functionality of the home. Buyers are looking to create fully-functional laundry rooms that not only work efficiently, but also look appealing. More and more people are designing their laundry rooms to serve as a space for chores to be accomplished and in doing so they are increasing the size and features of their laundry rooms. Some major features of these rooms are pet-grooming stations, large, natural light windows, and connections to master closets.

Bigger & Better Islands

As all designers and buyers know, one of the main components to a kitchen is the island; it is a place where people eat, work, play, etc. That is why in the latest trends for home design, bigger and better islands are at the top of the list. Families are looking to utilize their islands for more than just cooking. They want to engage with their kids, and if the island is filled with groceries or cooking items than they can’t. That is why designers are creating larger islands where people can sit and watch as food is prepared on the other side without getting in the way.