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5 Things Your Home Build Team Wants You To Know

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5 Things Your Home Build Team Wants You To Know

As custom home designers, we often get asked questions about our processes and what really happens during each home build. Each project is different, depending on the type of home we’re designing, the builders we’re working with, and of course, individual client needs.

However, here are 5 things we want our clients to know which helps us get the best out of each build.

1. We listen to you & want you to enjoy building your home

We understand just how overwhelming it can be trying to build your dream home with so many elements to think about, ideas you want to share, and expectations about the final results. Therefore, we create a relaxed and informal atmosphere during the design process so that you can feel free to enjoy creating your custom home with us. We listen to your ideas, suggest what does (and doesn’t) work, and you can ask us any questions about the build.

2. We want to work closely with your builder

We don’t want our clients to feel frustrated by having to relay messages between the professional teams on the build. In fact, we achieve such high-quality designs by bringing your builder into the process early on, so that we’ll work closely with them throughout. This ensures there’s open communication on the build and you don’t have to act as a go-between. We even have a preferred builder program for local builders to join.

3. Know your budget

Whatever the size and scope of your project, we can only meet our client’s needs if they know their numbers. This ensures the home build stays within budgetary limits, all parties understand the project requirements, and we can accurately advise you about costings. It also helps you with your planning and ideas so that you stay within your means and ensure the build is as stress-free as possible later on in the process.

4. Be prepared

We do everything in our power to remain on-course and set realistic time-frames. However, although we’ll work with your builder to plan for the expected, you never know what a build may throw up along the way. To keep things on schedule, be decisive. This may involve taking expert advice, having second choices in mind and being flexible with your ideas. While it’s completely natural to feel impatient for your new home to be completed, prepare for unexpected delays, and you’ll never be left disappointed.

5. You’ll be kept in the loop

Homebuilders often worry they won’t know what’s happening during the project. While there comes a time to step back and let the process unfold, rest assured you will be kept in the loop. We guide you through step-by-step, and you’ll also receive a build schedule, including the walkthroughs with your builder at certain points in the project. When staying in touch, we can be as flexible as you need, utilizing emails and phone conferencing to facilitate continuous communication throughout.

Our friendly team loves what they do, having years of experience in the home design field. We’ll work closely with you and your builder to make the experience positive for you, promoting open communication, high-quality craftsmanship, and a passion for building timeless, elegant homes.

Build your dream home today.