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10 Tips To Lower Costs When Building Your Home

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10 Tips To Lower Costs When Building Your Home

However, we’re often asked by clients, “How can I lower my building costs?” This can be a tricky area as quality is something homebuilders don’t want to sacrifice. With this in mind, we’ve put together 10 tips to lower costs when building your home, which are compromises you can make to reduce your expenditure.

When looking at how to find a builder for your new home, there are a few things you need to consider. They’re also an important part of the design process, and a good home designer will want to include the builder early on in the planning stages.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

Many people fall into the trap of changing details as the build goes along, which your expert designers and contractors will be able to advise you on. However, there are often hefty charges involved with this if it means changing the blueprints or materials. Make solid plans before your build starts and stick to them. Write down the rationale behind your decisions and you’ll be able to look back on this when you start getting inventive along the line.

2. Choose a Not-So-Obvious Lot

Why go with the obvious? Premium lots are often just that because they’re simple to build on. Demand is less so for tricky spaces such as a hillside or an infill lot. With the right floor plan and home designer, you can turn these lots into the ideal locations for a new home. If you want a custom floor plan, this could also be a great opportunity to find inspiration, arranging your home design around an interesting space.

3. Keep it in the Neighborhood

House prices aren’t just about the walls around you. You also need to consider the style and sizes of houses in your neighborhood and what will fit in with them. If you overbuild compared to your neighbors, you won’t command the price it deserves. Research your area for lots which will be suitable for the size and type of house you’re building.

4. Low-Cost Living

If you’re finding it difficult to compromise on the home design, think about how to save money in the future by choosing materials that will require a lower amount of maintenance than others. Great examples include vinyl siding to mimic a wooden look without being as affected by the elements or metal roofing which has a greater life expectancy than other roof materials. High-quality materials may be more expensive at initial buying and installation stages, but you’ll save money later on with fewer maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

5. Take it Back to Basics

Most people building their new home see it as an opportunity to dream big. However, it’s easy to get carried away, especially when ideas start flowing freely. Take your planning back to basics and decide which things are absolutely essential and ditch those which aren’t. It’s always a wise move to invest in a great structure rather than cosmetics. Spend your budget where it counts, and you’ll actually be saving time. So if there’s a room that won’t often be used don’t go crazy on the fixtures.

6. Pick a Floor Plan for the Site & Be Smart with Space

Site preparation charges can add thousands to your costs. An experienced home design company will have a wide range of stock floor plans which can be modified around the space you need to build in. Even better, custom home designs will allow you to design your home around the lot without having the extra costs involved with removing things like trees and rock. You can create some of the most interesting home designs when the lot shape is unusual. An experienced company will help you maximize these areas in the home for things like storage space.

7. Choose Your Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your new home is something people want to get right. However, if there are other areas you’d rather invest in, choose a material which could be a suitable underlay. You can then have your dream flooring installed at a later date.

8. Size Does Matter

Sometimes, having really large rooms isn’t what you need, and a space would work better at a smaller size. Walk through your finished designs and think about all aspects such as furniture, lighting, appliance, finishes, fixtures and plumbing. Planning out rooms during the design process will ensure you don’t select unnecessarily large spaces just for the sake of it.

9. The Value of Additional Space

When designing your home, it’s easy to add on extra space without thinking of it’s value to both yourself and the home. When thinking about features such as basements, attics, and porches, weigh up the costs vs. the value it will bring to your home (both financially and practically). Think about what your extra spaces will be used for and make a sensible choice.

10. Finding the Right Designer & Builder

Experienced companies will already have great existing relationships with other suppliers in the area. Here at Elite Design Group, we’ve built long-term relationships with dozens of local builders, meaning our designs give builders what they need, as well as providing builder prices for our clients, so they’re aware of possible costs. A reputable company is also one which you can trust, which means they’ll stick to the agreed plans and won’t make changes without fully consulting you first about rational and cost implications. Our depth of knowledge and experience is respected and trusted by clients and builders alike, ensuring there’s a culture of open communication between all parties to prevent costly mistakes further down the line.

At Elite Design Group we ensure your experience is efficient, enjoyable and within your budget! We provide a variety of stock floor plans as well as custom home design services loved by our clients and local builders in North Carolina and across the region.