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How To Help Your Home-building Team Get The Best Out Of Your Build

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How To Help Your Home-building Team Get The Best Out Of Your Build

Homebuilding is one of the most exciting things you can do, but it can also be stressful if you don’t follow some simple tips. While it’s a time to create your dream home, things don’t always go smoothly, so you need a skilled team on board involving both high-quality builders and designers.

Once you’ve found the right team of people to work on your home build, there are a couple of things you can do to help them achieve the best build possible.


Your home build doesn’t start when you meet with your team of builders and designers – there’s plenty of planning you’ll need to do beforehand to ensure a stress-free project. When you meet with your builders and designers for the first time, have a clear idea about your budget, what you want to achieve, and separate your ‘must-haves’ from ‘desired’ features. This will provide them with a clear idea of what you want so that they can easily present you with all your options – whether that be the right stock plan to accommodate your requirements or customized designs. They’ll also be able to advise on what works and what doesn’t, so trust their experience. This will allow you to be more decisive when making your choices, giving builders and designers the direction they need from you.


Your build team wants you to understand the process and what’s likely to happen during the project. They want to meet your needs, but can’t read your mind. Anything you’re unsure about? Just ask. If you don’t understand anything already discussed with you, ask them to explain it again. Don’t be afraid to say if you don’t feel comfortable with any aspect of the plans as listening to each other and being open is the best way to achieve your goals. It’s easier to change your mind in the ideas stage because doing so later on in the build could be costly in time, hassle and money.


Open communication is the key to success when it comes to a hassle-free home build. Builders and designers have years of experience in the field, so listen to their advice and express your ideas clearly to them. A good designer will bring your builder into the planning stages early on your project so that both teams can express their requirements and have open channels of communication with each other. This is easier for you as you don’t have to act as a go-between, it reduces miscommunication, and helps things go smoother for everyone.


Once the project starts, you’ll be taking a step back to let the experts lead the build. This ensures instructions are clear and consistent from the outset. Remember – home builds don’t always go without hitches, so expect the unexpected and use their expertise if something needs to be altered. Overcoming hurdles with minimum delay is key, so be as decisive as you can. During the project, your instinct may be to know what’s happening at all times. However, try to refer to the schedule of expected time frames, and you’ll also receive regular updates during the build. This includes walk-throughs so that you can see the progress of the project and eventually, your completed home!

It’s natural to be both nervous and excited when building your dream property. You’ll have a team of experts on board who’ll guide you through, including builders and designers who are doing everything they can the accommodate your needs. Find a team who believe in joint-up working, open communication and are happy to answer your questions.