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Garage Basics: A Guide To Different Types Of Garages

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Garage Basics: A Guide To Different Types Of Garages

When you’re designing your new home, and you want to include a garage, you have many options available to you. Besides choosing an exterior that matches the home style of the main house, you can customize the garage almost anyway you want.


How big do you want your garage to be?

  • Single: This is exactly what it sounds like. It has enough room for one average car, with enough room for driver and passengers to open the doors and to get in or out of the car. The average single car garage measures 150 square feet.
  • Double: We usually call this a two-car garage. Exactly the same as a single garage, except that there’s space for two cars to park comfortably inside. These are usually 300 square feet.
  • Tandem: These aren’t seen very much. It has enough space for two cars, except that they are parked nose-to-tail instead of side-by-side. It usually has only one door, which means one car will be parked in. These are also usually 300 square feet.

Attached Or Detached?

Will your garage be part of the main house?

  • Attached: If your garage is connected to your house, it will have to harmonize with the rest of the house. This is best for people who live in cold climates, so they don’t have to walk outdoors to get to their cars.
  • Detached: These are generally a few feet away beside the house or behind it. The driveway is often long and runs alongside the house to a backyard garage. There’s also an option to build a breezeway that connects your detached garage and the house. It can be enclosed, or you can add just a roof between the garage and driveway. This can also be used as an extra carport. You can also add an apartment above.


What material should you use for your garage doors?

Wood: needs regular maintenance, but they can add a lot of charm to a simple garage. These are quite suitable for a very traditional home design.

Steel: less expensive but very durable. If it gets scratched, you will have to take care of it or it will rust. Some people choose steel with a fiberglass overlay, so it won’t rust. The color will fade, so you will need to touch it up in the future.

Aluminum: low-maintenance and rust-proof. More expensive versions are made from extruded frames and laminated panels. Less expensive ones utilize other, lighter materials.
Glass panels: Many garage doors these days have frosted or tinted glass in aluminum frames.

Types Of Garage Doors

There are also several types of doors that you can choose for your garage.

Roll up: Also known as raised-panel doors, these are the most common type of door. They’re easy to use, and can be set up with remote control.

Swing out: Older garages usually have doors that swing out. They open like normal doors, with two doors instead of one. These are also known as carriage doors, since they look like old carriage houses. These are good if you want to keep the ceiling clear.
Less common are garage doors that swing up or slide sideways.

Garage Door Usage

How will you use the garage?

Many families use the garage for storage, so if you’re going to do this, you should be sure to design it with storage in mind. Think about shelving options, pegboards, hooks, racks, and cabinets.

More and more families are using the garage as a work area. If you plan on using it as a workshop, strong task lighting is essential, as are extra power outlets. Also, your garage should have windows for ventilation.

Garages aren’t necessarily completely utilitarian. A bright wall color and some decorative touches can unify the interior look of your home.

These days, the garage is not simply where you put your cars. It’s a chance to create a multi-purpose space in your home that will enhance your lifestyle. But the sheer variety of doors, styles, and materials can be confusing. If you want a custom home design, and you don’t know where to start, we can help.