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Easy Ways To Visualize Your New Home

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Easy Ways To Visualize Your New Home

Designing your home is one of the best parts of the building process, but can be a challenge if you’re finding it difficult to visualize what it will look like. This can hinder your decision making, leaving you feeling unsure about your choices or how to decorate your home once it’s completed. It’s important to get plans right in the early stages of the build to avoid costly change orders later on. Picturing a property which doesn’t yet exist is easier said than done, so let’s look at some easy ways to visualize your new home.

Portfolio of real-life examples

If designing a custom floor plan, your home will be tailored to both your tastes and lot space. However, when you’re trying to imagine what each element will look like, ask the designer if they have examples in their portfolio of similar rooms or features you’re struggling to picture.

Designer sketches

If you work with an experienced designer, they’ll be able to create detailed drawings of your home and help you refine ideas as you go along. This can be done using both hand-drawn sketches and computer software, giving you a full picture of your home. This helps you to get initial ideas down in draft form and go through the process several times until you’re completely satisfied. You’ll have fully dimensional designs which are then given the seal of approval from the designer’s engineer.

Go through construction drawings in detail

While detailed blueprints can be confusing when you see all the different layers of a build, going through these in detail with your builder & designer is a great way to picture each aspect, from window shapes to storage. This brings together the finer details of your home, rather than trying to picture the finished look without understanding how you got to that point.

Do a mental walkthrough

A great visualization technique is to mentally walk through your property using the plans you have. Picture walking in through the front door, look to the left, right and straight ahead. What can you see? Picture yourself walking from room to room, noting when you’re unsure about anything, meaning you can ask questions to your designer and builder at any stage of the process.

Measure up against your existing home to get a better feel for sizes

If you are finding it difficult to picture the size of a room, try measuring up against something already existing, such as your current home. This will give you a better idea of each dimension in reality and plan for your furnishings in each space.

Use walkthroughs wisely

Remember, you won’t have to rely on your imagination and images throughout the entire build. You’ll be given walkthroughs of your developing property at certain points in the build, and it’s important you use these wisely. As well as making certain that your property is in the condition you expect it to be, it’s also a chance to become orientated with your new home. Take note of where lighting and electrical sockets are to give you some practical inspiration for room layouts. When planning what to put in your spaces, take a list of some of the things you’re unsure about (e.g., window coverings) and measure up against the relevant spaces. Truly try to imagine your life there for some last minute inspiration.

It’s important to build a home which is right for you and your family. When visualizing your new home, use our tips and ask your designer or builder to explain anything you’re unsure about. At Elite Design Group, we have years of expertise in the field, working closely alongside both clients and builders to make your experience everything you’d hoped. If you’re having any difficulties visualizing your new home, our friendly team will be happy to help.