Established in 2003, Elite Design Group has provided Charlotte, NC with custom house plan designs, and has built a reputation for offering unique floor plans with a classic, timeless elegance.

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Charlotte Home Designers Elite Design Group Are Bringing Their High End Floor Plan Designs To Local

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Charlotte Home Designers Elite Design Group Are Bringing Their High End Floor Plan Designs To Local

When you’re a builder working on a high end renovation, it can be a hassle trying to find the right plan for the lot and a trusted designer who’ll listen to your requirements for the build. Here at Elite Design Group in Charlotte, North Carolina, we’re introducing our preferred builder program to local builders, bringing them all the benefits of working closely with a custom home designer and our range of quality floor plans.

High end floor plan designs

Our experienced team of designers have worked in Charlotte for years, designing quality homes with outstanding results. As a result, we have a range of popular floor plans which builders can purchase at discount prices (20% off select plans). Local builders can also have early access to new plans which are to be added to our specialist website. Our extensive range of stock plans often has real-life examples in the area, showcasing our quality craftsmanship. As experienced Charlotte home designers, we can also make changes in the early stages of the process. This is much easier than the back and forth you’d have with an outside designer after the build begins. Going over your estimated time on a high end renovation can dent a builder’s reputation, so you need a trusted team on board to help keep the project on track.

Streamlined plan modification process

Sometimes you don’t know what to expect on a custom build or a high end renovation until the project gets started. All sorts of surprises can be thrown in your direction from an unexpected issue with the lot through to clients changing their mind about the finishes. It can be a complete headache for builders when they need plans modified, but this is something Elite Design Group does in-house, saving you time and stress. Through a series of friendly meetings, we can easily establish your needs and efficiently complete changes, reducing delays. Sometimes when a small modification is made to a plan, this can cascade to other parts. However, our experience and knowledge enable us to catch and resolve the errors that others would miss. Keeping such open channels of communication is a great way for all to work, limits mistakes and helps overcome challenges and setbacks with ease.

Direct builder marketing

As part of our preferred builder program, when we work with you on a project we’ll be able to feature you on our marketing material. This is a great way to promote your services in the local Charlotte area and to potential homebuyers who may need a local builder for their high end renovation. We want to form long term partnerships with more of the local building community which will improve the homebuilding experience for all parties involved. This is good news for homebuyers looking for trusted designers and builders to work on their project.

Elite Design Group is committed to creating lasting connections with local builders in Charlotte. Join our preferred builder program to reap the benefits of working with us.