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Benefits Of Using A Custom Floor Plan For Your New Home

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Benefits Of Using A Custom Floor Plan For Your New Home

Designing your new home is an exciting time.

But with so many decisions to make, it’s important to know the benefits of one choice over another.

Custom floor plans are becoming increasingly popular as homebuilders start to realize the advantages of designing to their ideal specifications.


The benefits of designing a custom floor plan shines through when there’s a site involved that isn’t such standard lot. This could be because there’s rocky ground, a sloping area, it’s an interesting shape, or it has particularly awkward areas to build around. Instead of paying the odds for pre-preparation of the site, you can create really interesting designs around the lot features and create a special and unique design. This is a great way for a home to make great use of the environment that surrounds it.


Too often, home builders know what they want from their new home, but end up having to create this around set plans. With custom floor plans you create your dream home from scratch and tailor the entire project around your needs.

This includes aspects of your home such as:

  • Size – Create your room sizes exactly for your needs.
  • Style – Design your home in your dream style.
  • Practicalities – Think about what you need. Which rooms do you use the most? What can’t you live without? What will make life easier for you?
  • Lifestyle – Plan your home around your lifestyle. Do you do host social events? Do you need an area for your passion or hobby?
  • Number of rooms – Decide on the ideal amount of rooms and their layout within the home.
  • Storage – Space planning comes into its own, and you can create designs that include great storage ideas.
  • Features – Have you always wanted a hot tub? Is a porch your dream feature? Custom designs create the opportunity to create the home you’ve always wanted.
  • Future planning – A home is a place you’ll spend many happy years in, so think ahead to what you think you may need. Are you planning on having more children? Will you potentially need a home office area? This is your chance to create a home you’ll get maximum enjoyment out of for years to come.

Many homeowners take pride in the fact they’ve not only designed their home but can easily reflect their lifestyle and personality in the designs they pick, bringing greater enjoyment with the finished product.


Another benefit is that it can lead to fewer setbacks later on. When you buy a lot, there will often be covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) for any property you build in that area. This means your design can be created around these rather than having to find a design that fits into the specifications. This gives you greater flexibility when designing your new home.


Once you’ve decided that custom floor plans are the right choice for your new home, you need a custom floor plan designer who has experience in this type of project. Alongside them, you’ll need to find a builder who can work well with them to create your dream home. It can be overwhelming dealing with all the information needed to plan custom designed homes, so a good custom home designer will be able to guide you through the process to make things as straightforward as possible for you.

At Elite Design Group, we have a great process in place for clients who select our custom home design services. Our aim is to give you an experience that’s completely clear, efficient and most of all, enjoyable! We believe that communication should be open so that you get the best out of the design process. All of our designs are contractor-friendly due to our close working relationships with local custom home builders. These close relationships mean we know exactly what builders need from the design to create the home around your ideas and prevent costly mistakes further down the line.